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“Light, composition and moment, guys!”

Since the moment Evo saw his first National Geographic Magazine, he knew that he too would one day make pictures just like that… and so he does! And on the side he also makes time to guide and teach for Creative Endeavors, as well as develop new itineraries to make sure we are getting to the best places at the right times to capture the most incredible photographs.



Always searching for that: “island of difference in a sea of similarity ”

Drawing, painting and photography have been the driving force in Phil Sheil’s life for over three decades. He currently works full time as a University Professor teaching Art and Design at the American University of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates ( However, he is excited about his newest venture as co-owner of Creative Endeavors and looks forward to building it into a unique and highly respected center for the arts.

our Curriculum

Creative Endeavors strives for an in-depth learning experience that packs in a massive amount of technical and creative information. You will be taught everything involved in a shoot: from how to choose your location and set up your camera for dramatic compositions, to how to use sophisticated editing tools and techniques to effectively enhance your images to a new level of expertise. You will learn how to control exposure to capture brilliant skies without loss of foreground detail, you will be introduced to night time and low light photography and experience how shutter speed can be used creatively to add drama and atmosphere to your shots. In the end you will leave this course as a distinctly improved photographer, able to better plan your own photo shoots, capture the results you envision and ultimately impress your viewing audience.

We love this country, and can’t wait for you to see it. If you have questions about Bulgaria, our tours, the staff, or just want to chat— contact us today!

44, Vitosha bul., 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria 

+971 (50) 537-3299

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