About Us

mission statement

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Our Values

  • To provide expert instruction
  • learning new things
  • Seeking out adventure
  • embracing nature
  • to encourage crazy creativity
  • the company of others
  • raveling to new places
  • have fun

Who We Are

We are a small artist-run tour company offering a variety of art-themed workshops, courses and tours throughout Bulgaria. We invite clients from all over the world to explore their artistic boundaries and jumpstart their creativity. Each tour, workshop, photo-tour and course we offer is painstakingly crafted to provide you with an extraordinary, unforgettable Bulgarian adventure. At the same time, a rigorous curriculum, taught by our highly qualified, professional instructors, ensures an unsurpassed learning experience.

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What We Do

We spend our free time creating exciting, rigorous learning experiences that turn into unforgettable vacations for our clients. We are fully results-oriented, meaning you creating the best work possible in a very short time. On our photo-tours for example we will show you how to take better pictures with demonstrations, we will cover technical difficulties with on-site workshops, help you improve your images with editing sessions and then discuss your images in critiques and reviews for even better future results. You will leave our tour not just with great shots but also with a clear idea of how to use those skills in other locations and what skills you need to work on next.

Our Goals

We aim to provide high level, awesomely creative holiday opportunities where people can develop a more comprehensive understanding of the mechanics, subtleties and intricacies of each tour’s specific topics. If you’re a photographer for example we want to send you home with the best photographs you have ever taken, ones that you will be so proud of you can’t wait to share out in the world.

Beyond the creative field we want to fully immerse you in the stunning and diverse landscapes of Bulgaria. We see it as our job to allow you to greet the sunrise and bid farewell to the sunset from dramatic locations that will make your heart race with the sheer splendor of it all.

In addition we will make sure you feed your body on wonderfully wholesome, flavourful dishes; and rest your weary bones beneath the eaves of traditional guesthouses. We create creative holiday opportunities that are truly for all your senses. Come, immerse yourself in history, surround yourself with beauty and invest in yourself as a creative adventure.

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Packing It In

We build in-depth learning experiences that pack in massive amounts of technical and creative information. Our clients learning often begins at breakfast with discussions related to the up-coming day’s activity. Then later while out in the field we provide on the spot advice, tips and tricks equipment checks and even on site mini workshops. Then later over lunch or dinner as we critique our client’s day’s work we will plan the content of the evening’s editing sessions based upon that days production. In the end you will leave photo-tours as a distinctly improved photographer, able to better plan your own photo shoots, capture the results you envision and ultimately impress your viewing audience.

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